About Us 🐾

Hi everyone, we are Pawfectly Pawsome, a small-run family business. We specialise in providing high-quality enrichment toys and accessories for all pups, big and small.

We came up with the idea for Pawfectly Pawsome through the curiosity of our beautiful Cockapoo Buddy. As everyone who has ever owned a dog will probably know, they change your life for the better and make it much more special, and Buddy has certainly done that.

Since Buddy was a pup, we've constantly searched for the best enrichment toys to keep his mind active and curious, alongside some of the best accessories for our adventures.

That's why we've set up Pawfectly Pawsome to share these products with all the other pups out there. Buddy has personally tested everything you see on our site, and if we think it needs to be better, it doesn't make the site!

Since we began our journey in this industry, it's been nothing but rewarding seeing all the happy pups, but there is so much more that can be done to support less fortunate pups.

It's why when you shop with us, you help our ongoing "Spoil a dog, save a dog" campaign, helping support charities and shelters across the UK to improve the lives of every pup.

It's time to treat your dog and make every day Pawfectly Pawsome. Thank you for being part of our adventure! 🐕🐾

What sets us apart? It's the Pawfectly Pawsome promise:

Quality Selection

We have carefully created a collection of entertaining but also safe and durable toys.

Tail-Wagging Quality

Our commitment to quality ensures that every item in our inventory reflects your love and care for your furry friend.

Unleash The Fun

Play is at the heart of what we do, and we believe that every moment spent with your dog should be a delightful adventure.

Dedication To Dogs

We are passionate supporters of local rescue organisations and charities that tirelessly work to improve the lives of all four-legged friends. When you shop with us, you're not only spoiling your pet but also giving back to the dog-loving community.